A visit to Castro Urdiales in Spain offered a chance to try and create a panoramic view of the town. I’ve done this using several shots (processed initially in Photomatix) before using Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor (a free download) to stitch the images together. Anyone can do this, just take a series of images by rotating your camera to capture a portion of the scene at a time, then use the software to combine them into a wonderful final image. Simples :-)

I’ve then shared these online using zoom.it which allows the final large image to be panned and zoomed.

I’d recommend using the button on the bottom of these images to send them full screen so you can get the best experience, use your mouse and mouse wheel to explore the scene.

Scene 1: Before the storm

Scene 2: During the storm, taken from the church (you can see the spot I’m taking this in the image above, about two-thirds of the way along)

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